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Wine, Liquor or Beer Presentations


Are you looking for something

different, fun, and memorable for your
next family gathering or get together with friends?

Host a Private Tasting for

Your Friends and Relatives!



A private, in-home tasting is a unique experience that your friends and relatives will love!  We offer fun, friendly tasting services for private parties at our Willmar location or yours.  Our tastings are fun and educational. Whether your guests are long-time wine lovers or just starting to explore wine, they’ll have a great time learning about wine and discovering new wines to add to their list of favorites.  Beer or liquor connoisseurs are also sure to find some new favorites and enjoy learning about the brewing or distilling process.

Our tastings help attendees to:



§        Discover new wines, liquors or beers to enjoy.

§        Gain a better appreciation for the subtle characteristics that can make wine (or beer & liquor) more interesting and enjoyable.

§        Be more confident when selecting wines at a store or restaurant.

§        Have more consistently enjoyable wine drinking experiences.

§        Have fun with fellow wine enthusiasts or your own guest list


We will assist you in choosing the wines, beers or liquors that will be suitable for your event.  We supply the stemware, handouts, and your tasting leader.  You may want to provide bite size pieces of bread to help cleanse the palette.  If you prefer, you can provide cheeses and/or meats and we can help select the beverages to match!


To schedule your own special, private wine tasting party at our location or yours contact Steve or Alana by calling 320-222-2337, or email at willmar@s-dliquor.com.


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